eDocuments Module

With the eDocuments module, users can generate documents pre-filled with student data, applicant data, fees and payments without leaving their Edunation account.

The advanced document generation tool provides schools with more accuracy, and enables them to save time and effort typing data into agreements, invoices, receipts and confirmation documents. Once you configure your eDocument, you can generate pre-filled Word or PDF documents in bulk or one by one from the users’ management page, applicants’ page, re-enrollment, or the user profile page.

How Can I Generate a Pre-filled Document?

Generating the eDocument template is a straightforward process:

  • Create a DOCX file with any design you want.
  • Connect smart digital fields with your file to create a fillable document template. To see the list of the optional fields go to Management > eDocuments > click on “Browse fields” button.
  • Once you finish creating your template, upload it in the eDocuments page:
  • Insert the document title.
  • Select the target entity for the document, i.e., the document can be generated for students, applicants, and/or parents, etc..
  • Select the permission associated with generating the eDocuments. Only people with the specified permission can see and generate this pre-filled document.

Save Report Templates

Use saved reports for faster access to the reports you use most often. Saved reports remember your settings, so you don't have to reconfigure a report each time you open it. Any setting you apply to a report, like adding a filter or a new column, remains in saved reports until you manually change the settings.

You can create a saved report from any report that has the SAVE option in the action bar. Access and manage your saved reports in the General Reports > Saved Reports section in the left pane. A saved report is visible only to the user who created it. 

Once you save a report, you can change its settings then override it, or apply these changes to a new report. In addition, you can click on the report name to rename it or use the actions menu to delete it.