Customized applicant status

You can now add your workflow for registration and specify custom subtypes. To do so, go to Account Settings > Static data > Applicants Sub-Status.

For each sub-status you create, you need to select the main applicant status and write its name in both languages used in your school.

Change-log for applicants

You now able to see any changes done for applicants, not only status change, but changing group level, class, assigning entrance exam, interview, etc.

Re-Enrollment allowed debt

You can block students from re-enrolling to next academic year if they have a certain amount of debt in the current academic year. To do so, go to: Management > Enrollment & Billing > General Settings > Allowed debt for students - Re-Enrollment.

Any debt exceeds the specified amount then you can’t start the re-enrollment process for these students.

Require assigning applicants to class for approval

Until now, only assigning the applicant to group level was mandatory to approve him. Now you have the option to require assigning him to class as well. You can do this by going to Management > Enrollment & Billing > General Settings > Require Class for Approval.

Colorful statuses

When you edit a status for an applicant, we made the list of statuses colorful to help you better identify the wanted status.

Added paid filter

You now can filter applicants that paid a specific amount range.

Canceling applicant/student

Canceling or rejecting applicant also cancels his student account and his parents’ account if there are no other children for them.

The canceling of a student also cancels his parents’ account if there are no other children for them.

Registration analytics report

You now can analyze your applicants in each group level not only by status but you can add more info – open the report and choose what additional info you want in the report, you can select from a list of built-in fields or your custom fields.



Import timetable by date range

When you import your timetable, you can apply the changes to a specific date range if the changes you made are not across all the academic year.

Translated data scanner tool

We’ve translated the Data scanner. All messages, statuses, and actions appear according to the selected language.

Bug fixes

  • Behavior list size: we fixed a bug in behavior notes when you add long text in one of the notes.
  • We’ve fixed a bug in export users where some data was not exported in the selected language.
  • Fixed a bug where are some scenarios, students were assigned to the same class twice.