Users management enhancements

  1. When you search for a student to send him a message, his class name will appear beside his name to make it easier for you to identify the student and prevent sending messages to the wrong student.
  2. Canceled Users: canceled users will not appear anywhere in the system (like Gradebooks, Lesson reports, assignment page, course page, search results, report cards, groups members, permissions members, etc..). Also, canceled users will not be able to login to Edunation. Use this status to mark users who left the school and you don’t want to be charged on these students. The difference between Blocked and Cancelled students, that blocked students will not be able to login but will appear in gradebooks, reports etc.. and be treated like normal students.
  3. User Profile > Grades > Subjects filter was moved outside the filters to make it easier for parents to filter grades by subject.

Reports enhancements

  1. Responsive reports: the reports page redesigned and it will open in a full and responsive screen to enable users to see more data.
  2. Freeze columns and header row: when you scroll down or right in a specific report, the first column and header row will be freeze to make it easier for users to navigate and read the report data.
  3. Reports drill down: each statistics number shown in the reports can be clicked to show more information about this number. For example, if you see 10 positive notes you can click on it to see a list of these notes. This applies to all numbers shown in the reports.

Other enhancements

  1. Sort by display language: until now, users appeared sorted by the school's primary language, so when English teachers open a gradebook, for example, they will see the list of students sorted by their Primary Language which made it difficult for them to navigate between students. Now admins can define whether they want the students' list to be sorted by the Primary language or the user display language. You can find this setting in: Account settings > General settings > Default sorting. This enhancement affects gradebooks, attendance list, users page and all lists of students and users.
  2. Messages targeting enhancements: Schools requested more flexibility in configuring the permissions for users to send messages. From now on, admins will be able to define for each user role, to whom this user role can send messages (to parents, students, teachers or admins). You can find this setting in Account Settings > General Settings > Messaging System.