Registration & Re-Enrollment enhancements:

  • Billing information added: until now, your school name and address appeared on billing documents (i.e., invoices and receipts). From now on, you can specify the billing information that you want to show on these documents: billing address, billing name, email, phone, invoices notes, and receipt notes. All billing information is bi-lingual and can be configured for your both primary and secondary language.
  • Search applicants and parents across all schools: if you are within a school group and tries to add a student or a parent that already exists in another school in your group, the system will import the user’s basic details saving you the effort of adding it again.
  • Show total balance in the applicants' page: when you search and filter applicants, you can see their total balance.
  • When you try to assign an applicant to a class or group level, you can see how many free seats there are in the selected class/group level.
  • All admission staff gets a notification when a new applicant is added or when his/her status is changed.
  • New reports:
  • Missing Documents: will show you how many missing documents each applicant has.
  • List of applicants nationalities by status.
  • List of applicants by status.

New Reports

  • Reports > Attendance & Behavior Statistics per Student > Added 2 new columns: Days of absence and Days of absence percentage. These columns will show how many days the student has been absent according to the school policy in account settings.
  • A new report has been added: Attendance & Behavior Statistics per Group > Using this report, you will be able to see attendance and behavior summary for each group in your school: absent lessons, tardy, absent days, negative notes and positive notes. Will enable schools to better analyze the attendance and discipline at a higher level. The report can be filtered by date range, list of subjects and lesson number.
  • A new report has been added: Data Validation > Courses Full Details: This report will show you full details for all courses in the system: ID, name, group, subject, course type, teachers, internal subjects, weekly lessons, hours, points and required attendance percentage.