Parent Payment

We’ve redesigned the process of payment for a parent to reduce significantly the time needed for registering payment from parents for multiple children. The new process enables you to:

  1. Generate one receipt for the parent instead of generating a receipt for each child.
  2. Add multiple payments on the same page, i.e., 100 cash + 300 KNet.
  3. Automatically distribute the amount paid on children equally or based on their installment due amount.
  4. Automatically calculate the remaining amount and add it to the last child.

Fee Deduction

We’ve added a deduction functionality to the student payment page. For example, to add “One term deduction,” follow the following steps:

  1. Click on “Deduction” button.
  2. Insert the percentage of the deduction (33%).
  3. Edit the name of the deduction (optional).


You can refund a student/parent from both parent’s payment page or student’s payment page. In both pages, you can click on Add Refund button. In the next page, insert all refund details:

Refund main details: name to appear on the refund document, refund date, notes and whether you want the refund number to be automatically generated by the system or added manually by you.

Indicate the payments that you refunded to the student/parent: add amount, payment method (bank transfer, cheque, cash, etc…). You can add more than one payment method.

Click on save to update the balance of the student and to generate the refund document.

Other Enhancements

- You can set the default payment method in enrollment and billing settings. Use the most frequent payment method that your school use to save some time for your users.

- Changed the menu of payments and enrollments in user profile page to make it easier for navigation.

- Transportation fees are now linkable and direct the user to his transportation page.

- Manage and set your Financing Party list Account settings > static data.

- Enhanced the user experience in the required documents page.

- The previous school can be viewed and edited in basic info tab as well.

- Redesigned Add Discount page in the user profile page.

- Enabled searching for Canceled users and enabled the payments page in their user profile page.