Going online with Registration & Re-enrollment Management by Edunation saves schools invaluable time. Schools can improve form accuracy and cut verifying, validating, and manually entering enrollment data down from days to minutes.

Our Online Registration module was built specifically for international schools; it helps increase your applications and saves time and money on admin work. Online bilingual forms, easy data management, streamlined re-enrolment, and unlimited 24-hour support provide a smooth experience for your school.

Reduce Manual Work

Schools and prospective families face daily frustrations with an outdated and confusing application and enrolment processes that affect multiple departments including admissions, finance, IT, and academics.

By combining a streamlined, online process and easy information management with a consistent, modern and mobile-friendly interface, Edunation provides a seamless experience for everyone involved in the admissions and enrolment process.

Go Paperless

Our online Registration module drops paper forms by turning all enrollment documents into smart, web-based packets. Easily customizable through our user-friendly interface, our smart forms can suit even the most complex requirements with custom fields and process personalization.

Plan it well

The enrollment conversion funnel shows the number of students, in real time, as they progress through each stage of the process. Schools can see, at a glance, how many parents started applying, informing how many actually applied. Best of all, admins can use those predictive insights to more accurately allocate resources for the year ahead.