Grades and Assessments

Delete master gradebook

Deleting master gradebook deletes all gradebooks generated using this master. The system alerts you twice before confirming deleting it:

First time: The system shows a message that deleting the master gradebook also deletes all gradebooks generated using it.

Second time: After you confirm the first one, if there are some grades added by teachers in these gradebooks, the system shows you a message that there are ## grades to be deleted if you proceed.

Grades summary new print layout

To show more data in the printed grades summary report, we made headlines of the report vertically aligned and decreased each column width.

Edit max grade for calculated grades

Until now, calculated grades have been out of 100, and you couldn’t change it. From now on, you can set the max grade in master and regular gradebooks, once you add a calculated grade the default max grade is 100, but you can edit it and change it to whatever you want.

Cross-course gradebook

You can now add grades from other courses to gradebooks (regular gradebooks NOT master gradebooks), to do so: when you add an existing grade in a gradebook, open the filter option and change the course filter to the course you want. This way you can add a calculated grade from multiple grades in multiple courses.

Users Management

Bulk update for family address

Once you update an address for a student or parent, the system asks you if you wish to copy this address to all siblings/parents/ children. This way you can save time updating address fields for your users.

Parent contact details added to the student profile

In the student user profile, you can see his/her parent's contact details if you scroll down. This way you can save some time searching for his/her parent, opening parent profile and getting his contact details.

Added user type and class name for students

In user profile, we added the type of the viewed user (teacher, parent, student, etc.), if the user is a student then you will see his main class name as well (Grade 1A, Grade 2-Blue, etc..)

Export users

Added new fields to export users: New/Re-Enrolled, total fees, total paid, balance.

Customized permission for printing welcome messages for users

You can limit printing welcome messages to specific user types; for example, the secretary can print welcome messages only for students and parents but not for teachers or admins. To change the permission, go to Management > Permissions > Edit > specify user types for the permission “Print Welcome Message” (#518).