Statistics report

We've published new statistics report that can provide you with all demographic and geographic statistics about the users in Edunation. To access this report, please go to Reports > General Reports > Users Reports > User Statistics.

Using this report you can view the number of users by Gender, Nationality, Religion, Birth Year, Country, Region, and City. You can view the data per class name (i.e. Grade 1A, Grade 1B etc..) or group level (Grade 1, Grade 2 etc..) or academic stage (i.e. Primary School, High School etc..).

You can filter this report by academic year, group level, group name, user type (student, parent, admin or teacher), nationality, country, religion, gender and birth year range.

Edunation got faster

Your time is valuable and every second counts. In working on performance issues, we applied fixes like caching improvements, using global CDN, infrastructure optimization that greatly improved Edunation’s performance.

Today, we’re excited to share the results of this ongoing effort: The most common actions in Edunation are 1.5x faster, and we hope you’ve started to notice these improvements.


Edunation empowers educators with everything they need to easily create, view, and share high-quality units that align learning goals, assessments, and strategies. That’s not all! Edunation’s unique unit planner features now support educators with easy to use and understand reports to ensure academic goals attainment! From yearly views per grade to detailed insights per students, Edunation gives you the ability to monitor, track and report against all unit plans’ progress and generate reports in any format you need!

• Curriculum view: Shows the yearly view of all unit plans for any specific grade.
• Analytics: Shows in-depth insights of the covered items, objectives and standards covered for each grade and for each student.
• Overview: Shows all of the unit plans’ details for specific grade and export full units to excel or download them as PDFs.