More reports have been added:

  • Behavioral notes: Show all behavior notes that were registered for classes, subjects, teachers, students, and any other criteria. The report, with all of its findings, can be printed and exported to Excel.
  • General comments: Show all general comments and their category for each student.
  • Attendance Summary: shows attendance summary along with the behavior statistics in one report.

User Profile Redesign

Complete redesign for the user profile that supports inline editing, more data and rich user experience.

Master Gradebook

Administrators and department heads can manage all teacher gradebooks in one place at an enterprise level with the Master Gradebook module. Create universal grading tables and a skills/standards bank, manage what data teachers can view and edit, and report on how a student is performing across all classes at that exact moment.

All the teachers need to do afterwards is just put the grading points per student for assignments and exams. Based on each grade’s weight, the grading system will calculate the course grade and give the accurate grading to each student, and this calculated grade will be easily imported to the report card.

Master Gradebook supports all grading standards:

  • Skills and Narratives - Easy entry of skills and narratives for elementary schools.
  • Grades and Scoring - Weighted grades and automatic calculations, means, medians, and averages for middle and high schools.