More Bilingual Support

Bilingual support added to custom fields. Each custom field allows bilingual data entry in both your primary and secondary language.

It is essential for Edunation’s success to continuously make things easier for users. That is why, and with each update, more support is furnished to features you might have thought could not get any better! Edunation now boasts more comprehensive bilingual support, better user profile experience, additional filters, sorting features, and analytics operators. The more tools are available to you; the easier your tasks will become!

New Address Format

New address format that supports bilingual data entry with more options to specify users address: Street, Block, Avenue, Building, Floor, Apartment, P.O Box, City, Region / State, Zip Code, and Country.

Re-Enrollment Module

Re-Enroll your students to new academic year with our simple and powerful Re-Enrollment module: assign fees, add payments, assign classes, accept or reject re-enrollments. You can block specific students for enrollment for next academic year and specify block reason.

Enrollment Enhancements

  • Added more filters capabilities.
  • Bulk actions toolbar to add fees, block students, add notes, add payments and more.
  • Save filters preferences; the filters will not reset when you go off the page and return.
  • When you block a student, you can now add the reason.

Email Notification Enhancement

Edunation support sending the email notification to 2 emails for parents, in case school added both father’s and mother’s emails.

Filters Enhancement

No need to click on the filter button to see the filtered values. The filtered items will appear on the page and the user can cancel any of them without going in the filter button.