Edunation's Status Page

As part of our transparency policy, we now use to show all incidents and scheduled maintenance to our customers. Edunation is a mission-critical platform, and it’s crucial for us to show how our systems are doing. If there are interruptions to service, we will post a note on this page. 

Besides, customers can see the status of all modules used within Edunation including real-time response time for the web app, mobile app, and Edunation’s website.

You can access the status page by going to or by clicking on “System update” when you open the “Get Help” widget at the bottom of the page  .

Missing Grades Report

This new report shows you what grades are missing for each student. No need to open the report card and look for missing grades on each page. Instead, open the menu of the report card and choose the Missing Report.

You can access this report by opening the General Report page > Data Validation > Missing Report.


1.    Applicants’ management page is faster now: we enhanced the applicants’ page performance, the page will load a lot faster and all actions will take less time to perform.

2.    Filter on create date for new applicants and re-enrolled students.

3.    Different colors added to the applicant’s status for enhanced user experience.

4.    When you add a new applicant or begin re-enrollment for multiple students, you can click on the link in the success message to directly open the added applicants.

5.    Register a withdrawn student: when you try to add an existing canceled student as a new applicant, Edunation notifies you and let you choose whether to add him/her as a new applicant or re-enroll as an existing student.